Welcome to the Automated Healing of Emotions & Mind - Energy Healing,
by Energy Reality Services!

This service is a way for you to transform and heal psychological issues, using energy healing.

Look at the following energetically activated art. This symbol is a doorway for healing and helping energies to come to you. This will be presented many times during this energy healing service.

You are going to choose a psychological issue to work on. It can be any emotional and/or mental pattern that you want to change.

Examples could be “Fear of cats.”, “Anger about Paul.”, “Hurt about Susan.”, “Anxiety about work”, “Depression about …”, Sadness about …”, Feeling stuck about …”, Confusion about …”, etc. It could be anything. Choose what is most prominent for you. What is the primary emotion you are experiencing? What is your best sense of what it is about? This gives you an issue described as “(primary emotion) about (something or someone)”.

Bring the issue to mind; bring up the thoughts and feelings of it as best you can.

Rate the intensity of this issue of emotions and thoughts on a scale of 0 to 10 where 0 is no issue, 5 is a moderate issue (problematic) and 10 is a severe issue (debilitating). Just give it a number on this scale: